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Discover Santorini’s vibrant capital!

The capital of the island, the imposing Fira town is perched on top of the caldera of Santorini, proudly overlooking the vastness of the sea beneath. Reaching the island of Santorini by sea gives you a spectacular perspective of Fira, as the grand cliffs of the caldera tower over you as you approach. You can climb up to Fira on foot or in a more modern and sophisticated way, via the cable-car. Whichever way you choose, you are bound to to be impressed by the beauty of the landscape, the bewildering caldera adorned by sugar-cube shaped buildings stacked in harmony on the rocks, the perfect co-existence of man and nature.  

Fira is the cosmopolitan center of Santorini; this is where it all happens! In Fira one can find high-end shopping venues, delightful cafes and restaurants with gorgeous views and inspired tastes, as well as some intriguing attractions; the Archaeological Museum, Megaro Gyzi, the Cathedral of Saint John and many more. Viewing the magical sunset of Fira is an experience you will never forget, and the vibrant nightlife that follows is exhilarating, a genuine delight that only Santorini can offer!